Becoming a United DJ

There are no two ways about it - the group is strict when it comes to new DJs joining. As the age-old adage goes, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Therefore, in order to safeguard the valuable reputation of the United DJs, potential newcomers are carefully selected according to their skills (both behind the DJ box and in a professional environment), public persona and moral principles.

Within the shark infested waters of the entertainment industry, no person or group of persons can afford to lose their reputation and the same goes for the United DJs. Even the founding DJs of this group are constantly under scrutiny and offenders of the internal code of conduct are severely penalized.

If your answer is "yes" to ALL of these questions, you may apply to join the group. Please note that this alone does not guarantee your acceptance into the group, but a negative answer to any of the below is a clear indication that you should not bother applying.


  • Are you an experienced DJ with a passion for music?

  • Are you a people-person?

  • Do you consider yourself an entertainer?

  • Do you, or are you willing, to play commercial music which is the main requirement of United DJs' clients?

  • Do you "read" the crowd and play the music they respond to, even though it may not be your personal favourite?

  • Do you constantly upgrade your music to make sure that you have the latest songs and are aware of the latest trends music, but still work to develop and maintain your own individual flair?

  • Are you mature and tactful enough to put others ahead of your personal feelings when necessary to avoid unnecessary conflict?

  • Do you take your DJ career seriously and remain professional whilst performing your duties? In other words: can you control your temper, deal with annoying song requests, avoid conflict with drunken patrons, leave your personal issues out of the work environment, remain sober enough to play and maintain a healthy relationship with the staff and managers of venues?

  • The United DJs is more than just a bunch of individual DJs out to make a name for themselves. The group often needs to take preference above individual desires when this can be reasonably expected. Are you a loyal person who is not afraid to commit to something larger than a sum of its parts, and willing to put in more than you expect to get out?

  • Can you rise to the challenge of being a United DJ?


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